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How do you know when a hypochondriac is really sick?

By Lucy Hornstein, MD I have a patient who is a full blown sufferer of health anxiety. He firmly believes he has full-blown AIDS after a single extramarital sexual contact (non-genital) one month prior with a woman not known to have HIV. (Reality check: The other person didn't have HIV, the specific contact as described was ridiculously unlikely to have transmitted the virus had it been present, and AIDS takes months to years to develop after actual HIV infection.) Continue reading ... Your … [Read More...]

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Time’s Up

When it comes to health care, what happens in Massachusetts matters. It matters to all of us who … [Read More...]

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New rules for anticancer vaccines

(Rockefeller University Press) Scientists have found a way to find the proverbial needle in the cancer antigen haystack. The results have the potential to completely change current approaches to generating anticancer vaccines. Read more here:: … [Read More...]

Mindful Monday

By Marie Ennis-O'Connor To love at all is to be vulnerable. Love anything and your heart will be wrung and possibly broken. If you want to make sure of keeping it intact you must give it… Continue reading → Read more here:: Journeying Beyond … [Read More...]

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Patient appreciation: Why I still love being a doctor

By Val Jones, MD Judging from recent articles, surveys, and blog posts, the medical profession is remarkably demoralized. Typical complaints range from “feeling like a beaten dog” to “living in humiliating servitude,” to being forced to practice “treadmill … [Read More...]

CNN reporter in Ebola outbreak

As CNN's Elizabeth Cohen arrives in Liberia, she wonders how the world goes about stopping an outbreak that's gotten so out of hand. Read more here:: – Health … [Read More...]

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Do E-Cigarettes really help Quit Smoking? – Maine News

Maine NewsA new study has raised doubts about whether e-cigarettes offer any benefit to cancer patients to give up smoking. The research, published online in Cancer, the journal of the American Cancer Society, showed that e-cigarette users were more dependent … [Read More...]

A question you can never prepare for

By Bruce Campbell, MD She was nearing the end of a long and interesting life. Her birth was announced on the party line in her rural community's first telephone system. Her death, which would come soon, would be shared on Facebook and via cell phone. She had … [Read More...]

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Top stories in health and medicine, September 22, 2014

By MedPage Today From MedPage Today: UN: Ebola ‘Threat to Security'. The West Africa Ebola epidemic is a threat to international peace and security, the United Nations Security Council decided. Surgical Training Can Be Fun and Games. Make simulation training … [Read More...]

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Free pot for Denver veterans – iStreet Research

iStreet Research9 A special giveaway program in Denver last Saturday said that hundreds of military veterans did received the free pot they are giving. The project was a way of giving marijuana medicines to ease pain to veterans. According to Members of … [Read More...]

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